Senior MCU/MPU Semiconductor Engineer

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Senior MCU/MPU Semiconductor Engineer


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Build your brand. Tell your story. Take advantage of a rare opportunity to start from the ground up and build something great. We are looking for technology game changers to lead Stellantis into a fundamental transformation within the automotive industry. Technology is going to disrupt the automotive industry significantly in the next decade and our organization is seeking high potential candidates to transform the company with a focus on the customer experience. Stellantis's Software Organization (SWX) was created to build the most captivating experiences in the latest frontier of Automotive Technology.


The main job responsibilities will be:

●        Be the reference for MCU/MPU internal architecture understanding to maximize the ECU Hardware Design efficiency/performances within embedded application Body gateway, ADAS and Infotainment areas

●        Work proactively with silicon vendor partners to drive the gen design/solutions

●        Be the reference for ARM, RISC-V, HW accelerations (Packet forwarding, filtering, Encryption...) MCU/MPU IPs inside HW engineering group

●        Be the reference for ISO26262 and Cyber IP best in class MCU/MPU architecture reference inside HW engineering group

●        Support the HW Engineering group during advanced design phases, system architecture definitions and ECU development / Qualifications

●        Be the interface within the organization between the HW Engineering and the Semiconductor groups for High level MCU/MPU specifications

●        Drive the MCU/MPU roadmap definitions by generating proactive surveys/benchmark in technologies, silicon vendors


●        Collaborate in a Scaled Agile product delivery team, comprised of cross-functional company peers to continuously prioritize, refine, and deploy component

●        Understand Stellantis Domain team requirements, project milestones, technology relevance

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Basic Qualifications

●        Master of Science in Information systems, Software engineering, Information technology or equivalent program

●        Minimum of 10 years of experience in Silicon MCU/MPU Design for embedded electronics or mixed experience of design and FAE position in reference TIER2

●        Experience in EE architecture topologies, software architecture, safety

●        Strong teamwork, and excellent oral and written communication skills; ability to work independently and within a team distributed globally

●        Familiar with Silicon Design suite tools

●        Familiar with Silicon industry standards for chip design and verification is desired


Preferred Qualifications

●        Experienced in industrial or automotive (preferred) area

●        Justified experience in ARM 32/64bits architecture, power management, high speed interfaces, memories, data networking (ETH, CANxx, LIN...)…

●        Justified experience in HW segregation, hypervisor technologies

●        Experience with RISC-V architecture as a plus

●        Solid understanding with embedded electronics design constraints

●        Familiar with system/component design


Critical Character Traits to Ensure Success

●        Be curious

●        Ability to think outside-the-box in high pressure situations

●        Ability to multi-task

●        Ability to coach

●        Detail oriented problem-solver

●        Self-confident/empowered to deliver on a daily basis

●        Self-starter with the ability to work independently given minimal supervision/direction

●        Ability to identify potential developmental roadblocks and escalate to management

●        Ability to work in a team environment and be both a team player and task leader

o   This includes requesting assistance from and likewise providing assistance to team members regardless if the topic is related to your assigned work set

●        Respect and understanding of the Customer/Supplier relationship while embracing partnership

●        Ability to present concepts/strategies/project status to large groups

Position location

Job location

Asia Pacific, India, Karnataka, Bangalore



Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

6. Master Degree

Level of experience

5 to 10 years