Design Engineer - EQUIPMENT - VD plastics (exterior)

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Design Engineer - EQUIPMENT - VD plastics (exterior)


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General requirements for Renault:

-Creation of 3D models & assemblies with kinematics in Catia V5/ V6

-Creation of 2D drawings with GD & T

-Failure mode analysis : DFMEA, DRBFM, FTA, PFMEA

-Preparing benchmark reports from A2mac & competitor websites

-Knowledge of ISO standards

-Knowledge of structural analysis

-Knowledge on materials and parts manufacturing

-Knowledge of costing metals, plastic, foam parts (Part cost & Vendor Tooling)

-Knowledge of Chain of dimensions

-Knowledge of design release activities

-Knowledge of IMDS

-Knowledge of vehicle milestones

-Good communication skills in English

-Knowledge of design rules & understanding of working principles

-Regulatory requirements

-Interpretation of CAE results (NVH, crash, stiffness etc.)

-Product development experience in PSW activities & handling OEM Customers

-Knowledge in drawing normalisation

-Knowledge in RFQ creation

-Knowledge of Perceived Quality

-Packaging and layout study

-Preparing design technical files

-Preparing installation & homologation drawings

-Preparing styling feedback data

-Preparing planning drawing + ROM check

-Knowledge in basic Passive safety Product ( Seat belts, Airbags, Airbag ACU, Sensors, Calibration)

-Basic  knowledge on understanding system simulation ( Pamcrash / Madymo)

-Basic knowledge of part validation requirements (DV, PV)

-BOM preparation


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EQUIPMENT - VD plastics (exterior)



Renault Specific tools:

Catia V5, Renault specific V6 (NPDM), SIGNE, OneVAL, visio, LUP, HCPP, ANPQP, CAPRO, JIRA, LINXCAT,


VD(Trims) specific:

·       Provide feedback on styling surface to meet regulation,mfg,fit and finish requirements.

·       Section study and drfine isostatism and evaluate COD b/w parts.

·       Define Master section and create 3D CAD & Drawing.

·       Check Design for manufacturing tooling and assy feasibiliy.

·       BMIR Check (Design rule check) and storage of data


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Job location

Asia Pacific, India, Karnataka, Bangalore





Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

7. Engineering Degree

Diploma specialisation

  • Automotive
  • Mechanical Engineer

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All levels of experience